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Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Centre
(regional professional group)

Location Singen (main premises):
Dr. Susanne Bartelt, MD
Dr. Stephan Hennings, MD
Prof. Dr. Johannes Lutterbach, MD 

Virchowstr. 10b
D-78224 Singen

Telephone +49 7731 797 68-0
Fax +49 7731 797 68-13


Location Friedrichshafen (secondary premises, as of Sept. 1, 2009)
Dr. Mari Björnsgard, MD
Dr. Ursula Reichmann, MD

Röntgenstr. 12
D-88048 Friedrichshafen

Telephone +49 7541 603 37-0
Fax +49 7541 603 37-13



Prof. Dr. Johannes Lutterbach, MD


State Medical Chamber of Baden-Württemberg
Jahnstraße 40, 70597 Stuttgart, Telephone +49 711 769 89-0

The relevant applicable rules of conduct of the State Medical Chamber of Baden-Württemberg in the version from February 9, 2005 can be accessed under the following link: Professional Code of Conduct

National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Baden-Württemberg
Regional Head Office Freiburg
Sundgau Allee 27, 79114 Freiburg, Telephone +49 761 884-0



See7 Advertising Agency, Singen


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